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Banheiro autolimpante para cães

Será que funciona mesmo? Criadores apresentam produtos estranhos na Feira Internacional de Invenções em Genebra, na Suíça. O espanhol Philippe Glimes criou um banheiro autolimpante para cães e o apresentou ao mundo pela primeira vez na feira de maio de 2008. Esse ano ele marca presença de novo, no evento que vai de 1 a 5 de abril de 2009. Fontes: G1, EarthTimes e Dog Toilet

What to do if you live next door to a veterinarian whose clients' dogs always leave behind litter you'd rather not see or smell? If you are Philippe Glimes from Spain, who works as a cleaner using pressurized water, you might go to the gym to run on the treadmill and work off the stress. Which, if things turn out well for him, could have been his most important decision.

By combining his cleaning profession, his urgent need to solve the neighborhood dilemma and a love of the treadmill, Glimes came up with the dog toilet, a device which rolls like a running machine, is cleaned by pressurized water and connects directly to the sewage system.

"It took me about three months to turn the idea into reality," Glimes said, as an automatic sprinkler washed down the turning treadmill.

This was one of 710 devices on display at the annual International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva that opened on Wednesday. Organizers said about 70,000 visitors were expected to attend the five-day event which brought together innovators from 45 countries.

A quarter of the exhibitors were small private individuals like Glimes who came up with an idea and pushed ahead, trying to market and sell their concepts. While many of the impractical or bizarre innovations - and there were many - may not bring success or fame to the hard working inventors, at least visitors to the exhibition can enjoy the ride.

The first application: for public areas (parks, pedestrian zones, promenades, hotel, camping, etc.)


The public self-cleaning dog toilets allow canines to do their necessities (excrement and urine) in a hygienic manner, without requiring their master to handle these excrements, and then the elimination process is totally automatic. This system also avoids the contamination of germs between animals through the automatic self-cleaning system of the product.

In fact these “toilets” consist in an endless conveyor belt which is static and where, invokes by spraying a scent (Pheromones), the dog is attract to do its necessities (strays dogs included).

As soon as the canine steps off the belt, an engine start automatically the elimination process (engine can be either electrically or solar powered).

It is a set of presence and/or movement detectors, and timers, which allows the machine to start, to run and to stop. At this point the self-cleaning cycle begins:

The belt covered by or made of artificial grass, start, and carries the excrements and the urine away. Those are eliminated by a row of high pressure water jets located at the end and under the belt in combination with a rotary brush which washes the total width of the belt.

Then the residual water is evacuated directly into the sewers. The assembly, of the whole installation is carried out on a mould of fibreglass which can either be recessed into the soil, or placed directly on the ground.

Location Sites:

- Urban areas: parks, pedestrian zones, seafront promenades, hotel gardens, camping sites, gardens, etc.

- For use by breeders of dogs, in dogs kennels, in veterinary clinics.

- In private zones: in large properties.

- Installation on yachts, cruise ships, ferry-boats, etc.


- The elimination of animal waste direct to the drain is completely automated.

- Beneficial to the canine's master, as it is not a very pleasant task to have to clean up after one's dog, then to try and search for a dustbin (not always nearby) to throw the plastic bag into the trash. That repugnant task is one of the main reasons for which the owners of dogs deflect from their duty to respect the environment. Moreover, the public bins are not designed or planned for these purposes.

- Improvement of the environment by avoiding pollution, through suppressing the daily use of thousands of plastic bags used to throw the excrements into the trash.

- Disappearance of excrements on public thoroughfares and in the parks (visual and olfactory impact). Then Public Institutions can avoid the burden of implementing and furnishing distributions of plastic bags, the daily cleaning of areas designated as “dog toilets” which consists in the collection of solid excrement's (but not of the urine which remains in the sand or in the grass, with its smell and its germs) and periodical renewal of the sand or grass area.

- Nobody likes to live near an area like this!

- Possibility of access and use by stray dogs.

- Possibility of installation outside of shops and housing, the dog toilet is always clean and odourless thanks to its system of automatic cleaning.

- Prevents the transmission of contagious diseases through the bacteria present in the contaminated sand or grass of the classical dog toilet areas (as demonstrated by the veterinarians).

- The cost of installation can be written with advertising located around the self-cleaning dog toilet.

The second application: for private zones (properties, apartments, shops, etc.)

The system is the same as the first one, but in a reduced and simplified size, so that any person can install it on their garden, terrace or balcony.


- These toilets are also fully automatic, and are connected to the sewers. (U-bend of the terrace) after the wastes have been crushed.

Advantages :

- Removes the chore of the "compulsory walk", especially useful when it is raining and cold.

- Eases the life of the elderly owner or a person with problems of reduced mobility.

- Even if the owner/master is away, even for several days, the dog can still do his necessities.

- You are not afraid anymore to bring your dog in places full of germs where he could easily get infections (attested by veterinary).

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