domingo, 14 de junho de 2009

Buying a puppy

NO WAY should a pup go away from it's mom before 8 weeks, if the pups were born Dec 5, and she is letting pups go on Jan 20 - you need to run, not walk to the nearest exit. I'm not sure about everywhere, but in many states it's illegal to sell pups and let them leave their mom's before 8 weeks (you can presell them, but you can't let them leave).

As far as temperament tests go - perhaps some breeders on the list here can give you some good advice. A good breeder that knows their bloodlines and knows pups can tell what they will be like, but I'm not sure how old the pup needs to be to see this. But a good and responsible breeder would NEVER send her pups home with someone at 6 weeks of age.

You can expect a thorough questioning from your breeder - I wouldn't deal with a breeder that didn't ask a lot of questions. I would consent to a home visit before the pup was placed, and consent to a contract that had very clear requirements of the new owners. I would also expect a breeder to say that they will take the pup back, no questions asked at any point in their lives. I would consent and expect a breeder to ask for references - a vet perhaps, maybe one or two personal references. However, I WOULD NOT inconvenience my neighbors (nor would I even consider asking any of my neighbors) with calls from a breeder (even if I did know them, and quite frankly although there are plenty of neighbors where I live, I've only spoken to a couple more than a few times). I also would never consent to someone seizing my dog unless there was a clearly defined reason for it, ie. chained to a fence and ignored, criminally negligent, etc. My dogs are like kids to me and I would never enter into a contact with someone that could just take my dog from me at their own whim. If you are not comfortable with a breeder on your initial conversation - move on, there are plenty of dogs in this country that need decent homes without you giving up your first born child to get one.

[Escrito por Denise Parsons em 7 de janeiro de 2006 para a lista Petdogs-L do Yahoo Groups]

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