quarta-feira, 17 de junho de 2009

Crate training

1. Start feeding him in his crate.

2. Make sure that every time he is in his crate really wonderful things happen like lots of toys, treats, and chewies, in addition to all of his meals. None of these things anywhere else!

3. DON'T just put him in his crate and close the door leaving him in there for hours.

4. DO build up the time he is in his crate very slowly. You can do this in one day if you plan it right, especially if the next day you know you'll have to be gone for hours but I would recommend you make sure he is comfortable with the crate (iow - likes it) before leaving him in it for hours or it will set back your training and you'll have to start over. You do this by putting him in there first with the door open and giving him a treat. Every time he comes out (and he will) you toss another treat in there. After just a few short sessions, he will figure out that good things happen in the crate. When you add his meal in there as well, he will start to figure it out.

The main thing here is the concept. Many people believe that dogs don't understand concepts. Actually, they do. Many people believe that dogs are problem solvers but don't understand concepts, per se. Some of it is probably just semantics but I'm one that firmly believes that dogs, do, in fact, understand concepts. Either way, the above suggestion will help [your dog] figure out that the crate is not so bad after all.

[Escrito por Cher McCoy em 17 de janeiro de 2006 para a lista Petdogs-L do Yahoo Groups]

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