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Prepay care plan for puppies

NO [GOOD]! Insurance companies set their rates to make money. The advantage of the petcare maintenance plans of course is that you can work on a budget, but if I were you, I'd take those monthly payments and put them into a bank account and then use your own money and a vet of your choice. I would just pay as you go.

You may want to look into an accident plan - they're not cheap, but can really save you if you have even a small emergency with your dog. I use www.petcareinsurance.com and found it to be the most comprehensive a lowest price of the plans available. This is an accident and illness plan and does not cover routine pet care - it costs about $430 for the gold plan, but they have lower plans available as well. I would recommend this for at least the first couple years of a young dog's life when they are the accident prone. So far I've cashed in for a bout of Ghiardia and when my female had a medically necessary spay due to a uterine infection, they covered that all but the $50 deductible as well (routine spays are not covered - nor is other elective surgery).

You can also get other health plans that include routine maintenance - AKC offers one. But when I researched them, I found that the money they charge was more than I was paying for routine pet care. They throw out little things like dental cleanings - well I had my first girl for 13 years, and had one cleaning, her annual vet bills were less than $100. Plus you may find that your breeder may include many of your pup's first shots - my breeder does all our puppy shots - meaning the only shots I had to pay for were extras like Lyme and rabies that has to be done by a vet, by law here in MD.

IMO - maintenance plans are great for budgeting but cost more than you would spend normally. I rarely spend more than $100 per year for shots with my regular vet per animal on routine shots - and it's usually much less than that.

You only need to do a hip screening IF you're going to breed the dog or if it becomes lame. If your dog's parents are already screened then you have no need to screen your dog. Besides, they can't accurately read the x-rays until the dog is 2 years old! So you'll be paying for a service that you can't even get an accurate reading from until they are 2. Did they actually suggest you do a hip screening on a puppy? Talk about them wanting to spend your money on unnecessary things! My pups go to the vet when I first get them for a well puppy check and second round of shots (breeder should already have done one round at this point), then again at 12 weeks for their last shots and rabies - they don't need to be seen again until they are 1 for the next year's shots. Every 3 weeks is a total waste of your time and money IMO.

Please do yourself a favor and talk to some local vets in your area and stay away from the jiffy lube of pet care - again JMO. Recommending check ups every 3 weeks for the first 5 mos and then a hip screening? Really makes me wonder who's interest they have in mind - sure doesn't sound like yours.

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I can't comment on [this] prepay care plan, but I've had VPI Pet Insurance for my 2 dogs and 2 cats for the past year and it's paid for itself many times over!! You may want to check insurance out as an alternative to a prepay plan. Their website is www.petinsurance.com.

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